November 1, 2011

Orly ~ Close Your Eyes

Hi Lacquer Lovers,

I am making a spreadsheet of all of my lacquer to keep track of what I have and also to see if any have dried out. While I was doing this I came across Orly's Close Your Eyes. I don't know where this came from or even when I purchased it. It was in a box of untrieds and I don't remember seeing it before. Well, I thought it was so pretty that I had to swatch it right away for fall. It is gorgeous! It's a great color for fall. It is not really a red, its more of a dark red base with purple shimmer almost burgundy.

Here it is:

This is only 2 coats but, depending on the light, sometimes its a richer burgundy or lighter burgundy. Does anyone else have this one or know what collection this is from?


  1. ive never head or seen this color but i do love it!! i must buy it off ebay! .lol THANKS for making me buy more nail polish! . ;D . lol

  2. I know huh? I dont know where it came from put it is really gorgeous!