November 4, 2011

Red Hot Candy Mani

Hi All,
I am trying it again! A candy mani. I have to say this one turned out better but, I still didn't get the results that I wanted. I think my problem is that my sorbet/jelly lacquer is too thick. It is suppose to be a thin layer over the first 2 coats and mine was a thick layer because the lacquer was thick. Oh well, I'm not going to give up and I like it better than the last one. I used for a base: Yellin' For Watermelon (oldie circa 2008), glitter: Sparke De Triomphe, and jelly: Red Hot Ayers Rock (OPI claims this is a sorbet/jelly).

What do you think?

I think this is a very shiny mani and I will still be trying to get a better end product on the candy mani, I'm not giving up yet but I will probably have to buy a new sorbet/jelly because I don't have many.

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