November 21, 2011

Twinkle Lights ~ China Glaze

Hi Lacquer Lovers,
Today I have a very Christmas-y lacquer. When I saw China Glaze's Twinkle Lights, I just had to have it. It is such a nice shimmery glitter. I usually don't buy China Glaze because I have a hard time keeping it from chipping. I just had to give this one a try.
Twinkle Lights is mostly a gold micro-glitter with some red and green micro-glitter.

Here it is:

I am wearing 3 coats. Let me say that I was so excited to swatch this and take pictures that I forgot to put on a top coat! I think it would have shined even more if I did. This formula went on easily and it dried really fast but, I do have to say that it did chip the next day. Maybe I should try another base coat but, I really don't want to have buy or use a different base coat. Maybe someone will give me a suggestion? What do you think of this or do you have a different holiday glitter you like to wear?


  1. i saw these today at sallys and i didnt think they looked interesting , but now that im looking at it on you i feel like i want to get it LOL what have you done!! ..

    your swatches are beautiful!!

    i suck at keeping up with reading my fav blogs & tonight i had the chance to catch up on yours but i think it would be too creepy to just comment on all of them . hahaha but i love everything you've posted!!

  2. Hi Maria,
    I think this would have looked better with a top coat.
    Thanks for stopping by! I know that you are sooo busy! You post a ton more than me and I always wonder how you do it! Thanks!