November 16, 2011

Color Club ~ Santa's Cinnamon ~ Scented!

Hi All,
I went to Sally's Beauty Supply the other day and found Color Club there! I know that they sell the nail art items but I’ve never seen lacquer there.
This collection is called Scent-suous Holiday. There are 6 lacquers in this line and they are all scented!
Unfortunately when I went to Sally's there were only 4 out if the 6 but I will go and check Sally's again this week to see if they got anymore in. The display was really small and only held about 12 lacquers, which is 2 of each! Not a lot.
So, since I never heard of this collection I went home and went to their website and couldn't find anything about this collection so I googled it and also found nothing. Oh well, I’m just glad I was able to pick them up.
I have swatched Santa's Cinnamon, a bright red jelly base with red glitter and you guessed it smells of cinnamon.
Take a look:

This is a really a nice lacquer formula. It went on nicely and dried quickly and it smelled of cinnamon, actually exactly like Hot Tamales, the candy yum! I am wearing 2 coats and a top coat and I wore it 4 days before I took these pictures and it still looks good. My only complaint is that I wish it was more of a sparkly glitter. I hope Sally's will continue to sell Color Club because I like it and it's convenient. Do you have any scented lacquers? 

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