June 29, 2011

ORLY Happy Go Lucky Back to School 2011 Collection Part 1

Hey lacquer lovers,
Well today I have part 1 of the new Orly collection Happy Go Lucky Back To School! I used to hate those words: back to school YUK! I heard that this collection was to be out on the first week of July but I know when my local sally's beauty supply gets their weekly shipments so I stopped by and they just happened to put it out 1 ½  weeks early. Yes I’m a little slow because I’ve had these since last week!
This collection consists of 4 colors: Flirty (Pink Shimmer,) Frisky (Light Blue Creme,) Fresh (Green Creme,) and Frolic (Purple Creme,).  Today I have Fresh and Flirty.
The flirty is a nice bright pink shimmer but not too bright with a light pink shimmer. I don’t wear a lot of pink but this one I would.  
The fresh is a lovely bright apple green creme. This is normally one of the colors I would wear.
Lets see what you think:

                                   Flirty (inside)

                                    Flirty (outside)

Here is Fresh:

                                     Fresh (inside)

                                   Fresh (outside)

I just love love love these colors. The formula was great-not too thick or too thin. They are opaque I have only 2 coats on and a top coat for both colors. 
I know one thing if they had these colors when I was going back to school it would have made it a lot easier on the first day!
I give them a 5 out of 5. What do you think?

June 28, 2011

OPI Navy Shatter/ Nicole By OPI OMG

Hi Lacquer lovers! I was so excited to get my OPI navy shatter that I had to use it right away. Since 4th of July is next week I thought I would pair it with Nicole by OPI OMB from the Justin Beiber collection, I'm not a Beiber fan (I'm too old) but I love some of the polishes in that collection and had to get them.


I used 2 coats of OMB and Seche Vite top coat over the navy shatter. I have to say that so far I have loved the shatters but this one just didn't do it for me :( It looks like black shatter. What do you think?

Lacquer Nirvana

Hello World!!!

This is my first post and I am so excited and a little nervous! Before we get started I would like to thank all of the polish/makeup bloggers that have helped me get even more addicted to nail polish/makeup and that helped me decide that maybe I can do a blog too, even though I’m a very private person.

This will be a good outlet for me because I think I drive everyone crazy with my polish obsession and I can share it with others that love it as much as me!

I’ve always loved nail polish but from the first time I bought my first bottle of OPI it became an obsession. Then I would look at my polish collection and think I’ve worn all of these already, I need a new bottle. I hope you will follow along and get involved, make comments and ask questions as we go down this new road.

Well, here we go….