Hi! Welcome to Lacquer Nirvana! I'm Micki. Nail lacquer/nail polish is a hobby and I own over 300 bottles and I LOVE IT! I’m not a pro or an expert and my nails are natural. I have never had a professional manicure or pedicure so please understand that if one breaks I just go with it, I don’t cut the rest to match. I just file it and paint it and go on. So please don't get upset at the swatches if my nails aren't all the same length LOL.

I'm really into makeup as well and have a lot of it too! So I may post some of that at times if I think its really a good product. I am the biggest DISNEYLAND FANATIC!! I love Mickey Mouse and have a lot of Mickey collectibles. I also love all animals and have become a big cupcake fanatic. I love to buy them from cupcakeries and make them (a little too much). I also love and subscribe to a lot of fashion magazines.

Bare with me because blogging is new to me and I’m learning but I know we will have a lot fun along the way!