August 29, 2011

Jesse's Girl Glee and the First Blue Monday!

Hi Lacquer Lovers,
Today I am trying a new lacquer line, well it’s new to me and I am also joining in on Blue Mondays with 2 other blogs; A Polished Touch and Polish Fixation. This means that every Monday we wear blue lacquer and you know I love blue polish! Here we go:

The new polish line is Jesse's Girl, it’s a very affordable cosmetic line of polishes and makeup that is very trendy.

This one is called Glee. It is a blue/green glitter. When I was applying this on, I was very happy with the color so happy that I put it on my toe nails too! It’s really bright and fun. I'm still not ready to wear any fall colors so that’s why I chose this bright color.

I am wearing 2 coats with a top coat. It did take a little longer than most to dry. One thing about this, maybe it’s just me, is that it has a square lid/applicator. It was hard to maneuver when I was applying the polish. Not many have square lids, most are round but, it’s not a deal breaker. You can buy them online at their website or only at Rite-Aid. They don't have Rite-Aid where I live so I picked them up when I was in Cali. Well, I really like this especially for only about $3, what do you think?

August 25, 2011

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter Eyeliner

Today it’s about glitter eyeliner. This is a good way to wear glitter everyday during the day without it being overpowering. Its a little more subtle and wearable then the glitter eye shadows. The only 2 brands I have tried or seen have been Sephora and Milani and I love both. Both are retractable liners and come with a soft smudger all though I don’t use the smudger.

Let’s start with Milani.

It comes in 6 glitter colors but I have only chosen to wear 2 colors: Purple Quartz and Black Rocks.

Black Rocks on top; Purple Quartz on bottom:

Black Rocks on left; Purple Quartz on right

Smudger below

These go best with my skin tone and eye color. I think eventually I will try the other colors. This one is good because you can see the glitter and the glitter doesn't fall from you eyes, the liner doesn't run and it stays put. This is also good for me because I wear contacts and it stays put even though it’s not waterproof. This eyeliner is about $6.

Next is Sephora:

This one is waterproof and comes in 6 glitter colors but I have worn 3 of them Glitter Black, Glitter Purple, and Silver.

Black Glitter on left; Silver on right:

Silver on top, Black Glitter on bottom:


I have since run out of Glitter Purple and have not replaced it because I was trying the Milani brand. I do have to say that the Sephora Glitter eyeliners have a little more glitter. These also don’t run and the glitter doesn't fall from your eyes. These run about $12.

All together:

Left to right: Black Rocks, Purple Quartz, Silver, and Black Glitter:

Both are a great option and a great product. You can try both or let your pocketbook determine which one you try. Do you or have you worn these?

August 24, 2011

Essence Blossoms Etc....Multi Colour Powder

Hey All, 
The other day I was at Ulta and I saw this Essence display with this cute multi colored floral face powder. There was only one left so, I don’t know what else was offered in this collection. I have always wanted to try one of these powder compacts with the multi colored sections but, I never wanted to pay $15 and up since I already pay $25 for the Clinique powder I use everyday and love it. It was just too cute to pass up, plus Essence puts out some really good cosmetics for an affordable price. So, $3 for this compact I thought why not. It says this is an extremely gentle, ultra fine, slight shimmer powder with a natural finish. So let’s see: 

I did put this on thick so you could see it. It was very soft and it did have a slight shimmer. It wasn’t as colorful as you would think it is by the palette. It does work well but maybe not as well as some of the translucent face powders found at cosmetics counter. Still it is way worth the $3. Have you tried this one or another brand and which ones?

August 23, 2011

My Cupcake Addiction!

Just a quick post of one of my other obsessions: Cupcakes! I went out of town last week and went to one of my favorite cupcake stores, Icing On The Cupcake. This is one of their everyday cupcakes and I have never tried this one. It is confetti cake; it’s a buttermilk cake with a wonderful buttercream frosting with multi-colored sprinkles. It was so cute; it had a Crayola Crayon decoration on top which turned out to be a ring! If I was 8 I would wear that ring everyday until I lost it. The cupcake was so yummy! It wasn't too sweet.


 When I was there I also saw the cutest coffee mug.It was even packaged up with pink crinkle paper shreds and a polka dot ribbon. It was so cute I just had to get one.

 Don’t you just love cupcakes?!

August 22, 2011

Orly Birds Of A Feather Collection Sweet Peacock

Hi all,
Sorry for not posting for awhile, things have been crazy.
Today I have another blue! I know but I love blue! Sweet Peacock is from Orly's fall/winter Birds of a feather collection, I happened to see this collection when I was at the store just browsing. I think I must have been asleep because I didn’t even know about the Orly Birds of a Feather Collection. This one out of all of them caught my eye for 2 reasons: I was going to a wedding and it would go with my dress and it was the brightest one in the collection that isn't so fall looking. I'm just not ready to stop wearing summer colors yet. I almost did get Fowl Play which is a purple sparkle that's multi-dimensional. It looks like it may be a dupe of an OPI that was out last Christmas, Merry Midnight.

Did I make a good selection?  I am sure will go back and get at least 2 more when I'm ready for fall. Maybe I'll get Sea Gurl and Fowl Play?

August 15, 2011

Orly Lunar Eclipse

Today I have an oldie but a goodie: Orly Lunar Eclipse. I went to a wedding and wanted a bright very shimmery blue to go with my dress and when I was looking to see what I would wear this jumped out at me. I forgot how much I love it. My nails are a little rough because I have been wearing this now for 4 days!

Lunar Eclipse:

Still loving it! Do you have this and when was the last time you wore it? Just an fyi, the last time I was at Ulta they had Space Cadet, I havent seen that polish for at least a year. So run down there if you want it, they had several bottles available.

August 11, 2011

Nail Polish Back To School Supplies!

Yes you heard right! Nail polish on school supplies! I went to Target the other day and was looking through the back to school supplies and look what I found, nail polish folders, nail polish binders, and nail polish notebooks!

First up the binder:

Then the notebook:

And finally the folder:

I wish they had these when I was going back to school! I never did like school but I always did and still do love the back to school supplies. They also had some with makeup which was also very cute but being a nail polish addict I bought the polish supplies. Arent these the cutest? If you want these you need to run to Target before they run out, they were getting low when I was there yesterday.

August 10, 2011

Zoya Rihana

Hi Lacquer Heads,
Today I have another Zoya from the untried’s stash, Rihana.  Zoya calls it a rich plum-purple with red and magenta shimmer. To me it is a deep burgundy with red shimmer but my pictures do look like Rihana could be considered a red. Look at my upcoming close up, it does look red. All in all this is a very rich color.

I really like it and it is so gorgeous in the sunlight. It is really shimmery which is always good for me. As usual I have on 2 coats with a top coat and this formula went on nicely. I give this a high rating. Do you think this is red or burgundy?

August 9, 2011

Zoya Nidhi

I bought Zoya Nidhi on their last promo and it has been sitting in my untried's so I decided to get it together and put it on. I picked  Nidhi because to me on their website it looked like an orange with shimmer and I thought that would be a good summer color. They describe it as a red with a metallic finish. Ready here we go:

I don't think this is a "red". To me it is a dark orange. It has flecks of orange and gold that would I guess make it a metallic. I'm wearing 2 coats with a top coat. I do have to say it took awhile for it to dry. Its pretty and I think it would make a good toe nail color. Is this orange or red to you?