August 22, 2011

Orly Birds Of A Feather Collection Sweet Peacock

Hi all,
Sorry for not posting for awhile, things have been crazy.
Today I have another blue! I know but I love blue! Sweet Peacock is from Orly's fall/winter Birds of a feather collection, I happened to see this collection when I was at the store just browsing. I think I must have been asleep because I didn’t even know about the Orly Birds of a Feather Collection. This one out of all of them caught my eye for 2 reasons: I was going to a wedding and it would go with my dress and it was the brightest one in the collection that isn't so fall looking. I'm just not ready to stop wearing summer colors yet. I almost did get Fowl Play which is a purple sparkle that's multi-dimensional. It looks like it may be a dupe of an OPI that was out last Christmas, Merry Midnight.

Did I make a good selection?  I am sure will go back and get at least 2 more when I'm ready for fall. Maybe I'll get Sea Gurl and Fowl Play?


  1. Oooooooh! As a blue fanatic I believe I need this :) Another one I love from this collection is Nite Owl, and it is just beautiful, it's kind of in the vein of Essie Mochacino.

  2. Pictures don't do this justice, it is even more beautiful in person! You should run and get it.