August 6, 2011

OPI Miss Universe Part II

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay on part II of the OPI Miss Universe collection. Up next are Swimsuit...You Nailed It and Crown Me Already. Let me start off by saying that Swimsuit .... Nailed It has to be my favorite blue and maybe polish of the year so far! I am partial to blues and a blue with shimmer; I'm in love with it! Heads up I love it so much I have a lot of pictures to share! Here we go:

Swimsuit....I nailed it:

Crown me already:

I just put Crown Me Already over Swimsuit..Nailed It because I didn't want to do another silver glitter by its self and this one is not a prismatic glitter like the Serena OPI polish Servin Up Sparkle. The Swimsuit....I Nailed It has 2 coats with a top coat and just 1 coat of Crown Me Already with no top coat so you can see if it is a very sparkly glitter, which is always good in my book. Both of the formulas are really good and the Crown Me Already dried instantly.
I really love this collection, do you and will you be purchasing it?

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