August 25, 2011

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter Eyeliner

Today it’s about glitter eyeliner. This is a good way to wear glitter everyday during the day without it being overpowering. Its a little more subtle and wearable then the glitter eye shadows. The only 2 brands I have tried or seen have been Sephora and Milani and I love both. Both are retractable liners and come with a soft smudger all though I don’t use the smudger.

Let’s start with Milani.

It comes in 6 glitter colors but I have only chosen to wear 2 colors: Purple Quartz and Black Rocks.

Black Rocks on top; Purple Quartz on bottom:

Black Rocks on left; Purple Quartz on right

Smudger below

These go best with my skin tone and eye color. I think eventually I will try the other colors. This one is good because you can see the glitter and the glitter doesn't fall from you eyes, the liner doesn't run and it stays put. This is also good for me because I wear contacts and it stays put even though it’s not waterproof. This eyeliner is about $6.

Next is Sephora:

This one is waterproof and comes in 6 glitter colors but I have worn 3 of them Glitter Black, Glitter Purple, and Silver.

Black Glitter on left; Silver on right:

Silver on top, Black Glitter on bottom:


I have since run out of Glitter Purple and have not replaced it because I was trying the Milani brand. I do have to say that the Sephora Glitter eyeliners have a little more glitter. These also don’t run and the glitter doesn't fall from your eyes. These run about $12.

All together:

Left to right: Black Rocks, Purple Quartz, Silver, and Black Glitter:

Both are a great option and a great product. You can try both or let your pocketbook determine which one you try. Do you or have you worn these?

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