November 9, 2011

OPI ~ Rainbow Connection The Muppets Collection

Picture Courtesy of The Muppet Movie (Disney)
Hi All,

I am so excited to share OPI's Rainbow Connection with everyone! I just love, love, love this lacquer.
This is from the OPI Muppet Collection that coincides with the release of The Muppets out on Thanksgiving Day.
If you aren't familiar with the name "Rainbow Connection" it is a song that is sung by Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie that won an Academy Award for Best Song.
This lacquer is glitter, glitter, glitter! It is so fun! It is multi-colored and multi-sized glitter, in all the colors of a rainbow, in a clear base. There is so much glitter that it looks like it has a silver base or is a foil. It was hard to get a really shiny picture because of all the glitter! It shines like silver ribbon used to wrap a Christmas gift.

Take a look:

I do have to say that it was hard to apply with all the glitter but, it is so worth it to me. I am wearing 3 coats and 1 coat of top coat. It did dry very quickly. This would be so good to wear to your Christmas party(s) this year. Did you get this one or will you?

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