September 30, 2011

Essence @ Holografics.Com – Gagalectric

I saw this Essence Lacquer on a special display at Ulta and I had to get one of these. They are not holographic they are iridescent lacquers but, not holos.

I selected one in a color that I really normally wouldn’t wear. I also was only going to buy 1 since they really weren’t holos. A big plus was the name Gagalectric, who doesn’t love Gaga?! In the bottle the lacquer looks like a lavendar with shimmer but, on it looks more like a light pink.

I like it and it looks nice on me but 1 thing that bothers me is that when I was about 8 my mother wore a color similar all the time that was made by Revlon for years and I can’t shake that it feels like I’m wearing my mother's boring lacquer!

It is a nice lacquer. What do you think holo or iridescent?

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