September 12, 2011

Blue Monday with China Glaze Sexy In The City and SuperNail Blue Ice Glitter

It's Blue Monday and this week it is with glitter! There is a company that makes glitter for pedicures/toes that I think it is kind of expensive. You can get a small kit with glitter, a type of bonder, an orange stick, and toe separators starting around $40 plus you need to add in shipping charges of $8. I love glitter but, I don’t think I need to spend that much for toe/nail glitter. You can get SuperNail Glitter for under $3 and all you need is your regular top coat to apply it.
I bought 2 colors. Today I’m using Blue Ice on top of China Glaze Sexy In The City. I put it on my toes but only the big toes.
Here it is:

I like it but, I have to tell you I didn’t follow the instructions and it didn’t turn out as good as it should have. I put a top coat on over the glitter and you aren't suppose to. The instructions are to paint your nails and let them dry and then put on a top coat and sprinkle the glitter on quickly before it dries and tap off the excess onto a piece of paper so you can reuse it and that’s it. The top coat took off some of the glitter in some spots and it looked bad. I had to redo it the correct way and I did it in a hurry so it is a little sloppy but it looks good and the glitter stays on. It is a very nice smooth glitter and it sticks and goes on nicely. What glitter do you use on your nails?

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