September 2, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Part I

Hey Everyone,
When I was at the store last week (yes, I’m slow I’ve had them a week), I saw this Orly collection. It took me off guard because I didn't know it was coming out. I never saw any press releases.
I bought 5 out of the 6. I didn't buy Rock It (red), I just didn't want another red but, something tells me that I need to go and get it.
First up is: Rock The World:

When I put the first coat on I thought oh no it’s another Zoya Faye/Opi Rally Pretty Pink but by the second coat I was happy to see it’s different. It’s more of a metallic brown with gold flecks then a pinkish hue like the colors mentioned above. I don’t really have a lot of browns so I’m glad I selected this one. It’s nice.


It's a spectacular orange/red. It is a really nice shimmer/metallic with gold, pink, and orange flecks. I used to wear orange a lot and then I got tired of it but, now I think I’m back into orange after wearing this one. I really love it.

I am wearing 2 coats of lacquer and a top coat with both. This collection costs a little more than usually, it retails for $10 but at Sally Beauty Supply its $7.99. Will you purchase it? Don't you think these are a great transition into fall?

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