September 5, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Collection: Stone Cold on Blue Monday!!

Hi All,
It’s another Blue Monday. Today I have another lacquer from the Orly Mineral Collection: Stone Cold. It’s a beautiful blue shimmer. I could wear this polish all the time! It is one of my new favorites maybe because I haven’t seen a blue polish I haven’t liked! I just love it. It is a basic blue polish with the flecks of bright blue but, there is nothing basic about this polish. I thought at first it was a royal blue base color with light blue flecks but, its not and its not navy, its a blue base.

Stone Cold:

I do have to say for some reason it took a little bit longer for this one to dry then usual. I am wearing 2 coats and a top coat. If you love blue you should get this one. I just can’t wait until next Blue Monday so I can wear another blue.

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