September 22, 2011

Zoya Kotori

Hi All,
Sorry I haven't been posting, had a personal issue to deal with.

Anyway moving on....I have Zoya's Kotori. It's the blue that I promised since I didn't have one for Blue Monday. It is a what I would call blue with bright blue flecks, a shimmer. Zoya calls it a sheer black base with a bright blue shimmer. I can see that kind of if I really stare at it on my nails and not at the bottle. I like the color. Zoya has it high on their Intensity Chart they say it's a 3 but, I think it is a lot more sheer than that.
Here we go:

I am wearing/had to put on 3 coats and I think I could have used one more. I also have 1 coat of top coat. I really think it is a pretty color but, I think it took way too many coats to get this saturation of color plus, as you can see I had it on for 2 hours before I took the pictures and it was already wearing away at the tips, look at my pinkie and you can really tell. It was completely dry too. I am afraid I don't rate this one very high. Do you have this one or would you buy it?

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