September 15, 2011

Milani Cosmetics Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eyeshadow And Some Yummy Cupcakes!

Hi Everybody!
It’s another glitter post! Milani Cosmetics is one of my faves with glitter makeup. Previously I posted a couple of their glitter eyeliners. Now I have Milani Sparkling Eye Shadow in Lovely and Luminous. This shadow matches the Orly Rock Solid lacquer! I am posting a picture below with the lacquer just for fun.

Here it is as it comes out of the tube:

Here's how it looks as eye shadow:

It is a very sheer shadow. It is for someone that doesn’t want a lot of color for eye shadow but, just wants some shimmer/glitter maybe for a daytime look. I wouldn't really call this "eye shadow" I would just call it a sheer eye glitter. It didn't flake off. It took a very long time to dry when used alone but, it did last all day. I did not use a base coat. The instructions say you can apply 2 coats for a more dramatic eye and I did but, it just made a mess, it was too hard to control. I did try it over an eye shadow and it worked really well. Still I like it. Have you tried it and do you like it?

Now on to the cupcakes!!

I had a birthday this week and I got some cupcakes! MMMMMMM. They did melt a little because it was very hot and I had to drive across town with them. Even a little melted they were so good!

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