September 13, 2011

Orly Mineral FX Part II? Orly Rock Solid

Hey All,
Sorry for the delay in the Part II of the Orly Mineral collection. I did post Stone Cold on Blue Monday last week so; I’m not doing too badly. After this one I will only have 1 more to post because I didn't get Rock It but maybe I will get it?

Today I have Rock Solid. This one is a shimmery charcoal gray with a holographic shimmer (looks like multicolored flecks of glitter). It’s actually a prismatic micro-shimmer because it flashes multi-colors and reflects light. WOW, this one is really hard to describe but let’s go with: its gorgeous!

Here it is:

This last one was taken with a flash so you can get a better look at the multi-colored flecks of glitter.

I could wear this every other week. It is glittery with the inside light or in the sun. It's nice everywhere. I really love this one! So far I'm really impressed with this collection.
As usual I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. Isn’t it addicting?

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