December 5, 2011

Wet and Wild Blue Moon ~ Blue Monday

Hi Everyone,
Today for Blue Monday I have Blue Moon from Wet n Wild. This is a pretty navy shimmer that I think I paid $1 for at Walgreen. When I looked at it on the shelf it looked black but, when I picked it up to look at it closer it was a navy.

Take a look:

I am wearing 2 coats and a 1 coat of top coat. It went on smoothly and dried quickly but, the one complaint I have is that it chipped in 1 day, I can’t really complain for a dollar. What is your favorite Wet n Wild or cheap lacquer?


  1. This color is lovely! Do you wear a base coat? That MIGHT make the polish last longer; it doesn't for me, but it might for you! I've tried many different kinds of base coat; expensive ($20+; yes, I am insane) or cheap (<$1), it STILL chips by the end of the day! I use my hands a lot--cooking, cleaning etc.--but I try to wear gloves when I do the "intense" cleaning. Gloves or not, my nails chip by then end of the day. :(
    Maybe I'm doing it wrong? ;)
    P.S. Your blog is COOL ! Doesn't look like you're a "beginning" blogger.
    Keep it up!
    P.P.S. Now that song (by New Order) is stuck in my head! Love New Order.

  2. Hi Wild Heart, WOW thanks for all the nice comments! I do wear a base coat or a base/ridge filler and I still get chips. I have tried several brands but still havent really found the right one I guess.
    I dont know if I could spend $20+ on 1 lacquer but I have thought about it and would really like a Chanel lacquer.
    I use my hands a lot too doing the same things and washing my hands a lot too but I have never worn gloves, Im going to try that.
    Thanks again your encouragement is so sweet.

  3. I have something on that looks very similar to this.. its an Essence polish.. lovely shade :)

  4. It is lovely! Hopefully you will have pictures!