December 27, 2011

Silver Violet ~ CQ

Hey Everybody,

I was getting a little bit tired of all the dark fall/winter colors so I thought I would do a little bit more of a bright color. It’s not too bright though. Silver Violet is a lacquer by CQ. CQ is an inexpensive line that I ran into at Rite-aid that I thought would be fun to try especially since it was like $2.
Silver Violet is a lilac base with silver shimmer in it.

See what you think:

I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. I wore this for 3 days and it didn’t chip and it wore really well, so worthe the $2. I really like it and think it would be good in the spring/summer to wear as a pedi. Have you seen or wore this brand?


  1. i love color, its sooo pretty! and you cant beat 2.00 polish :)