October 25, 2011

No More Waity, Katie - Butter London

Hi All,
I have another Butter London Lacquer today. When I selected this one, I just went by the color. After I bought it and got it home, I looked at the name. Of course it’s named for Kate Middleton after she got engaged to Prince William and it’s a limited edition but, I saw a few bottles of it a couple of days ago at a store so they are still out there.
This one is a very light lilac almost gray base with bright lilac glitter. Nice!

Here it is:

I do have to admit that it is a very royal lacquer and what’s more royal then purple! I am wearing 2 coats and a top coat. It went on nicely and dried really quickly but, after wearing it for 2 days a couple nails chipped on the tips. Do you think this is a royal lacquer?

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