October 13, 2011

Jesse's Girl Firefly

Today I have another Jesse's Girl lacquer, Firefly. This is a gorgeous shimmer. It’s a really shiny shimmer. It is a very sheer white base with iridescent gold shimmer. The bottle looks like its white base with silver flecks. 
Check it out:

It’s really pretty, it’s a lacquer made for Cinderella. Sometimes it looks like a light sheer gold polish and then the light hits it at a different angle and it looks like a bright yellow gold! I really think this is a polish everyone should own and it will be good for the up coming holidays. As usual I am wearing 2 coats of lacquer and 1 coat of top coat. Do you own this?


  1. shimmer shimmer!! love shimmerr!!

  2. where can i buy this?? i've been looking for this exact nail polish everywhere!! no-one seems to know!! :/ please reply to this comment asap if you know :( i love it!! xxx

    1. Hi, Sorry for the slow response, still sick. I got this at Rite-Aid. It is really pretty!