October 6, 2011

LA Girl Rock Star – Supernova

I have a LA Girl Rock Star Lacquer today called Supernova. This was given to me so this is the first time I have worn this brand. I checked out their website and they don't have store in my area that sells it.
This is a sheer gray base (although in the bottle it looks black) with long thin strings of holographic glitter.
Here are the pix:

I am wearing 3 coats and a top coat and you can see I probably could have put on more coats so it wouldn’t be so sheer. I think this is probably better as a layering lacquer. I thought because it was so dark in the bottle that it could be used on its own. It was also a little thin when applying but it dried fast. It is nice though, have you ever worn this brand?

I just love hearts and stars. My birthday was last month and this is one of my gifts: It’s a pink heart ring with a halo around the heart. It is good for a pinkie ring but it fits on my ring finger too! I think it is so cute I had to share.


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