October 19, 2011

Jesse's Girl - Confetti

Hi All,
Let me start off by saying that I broke one of my nails just pushing in a chair! Yeah I know! I’m going with it and it has already grown out some. This is one of the prettiest sheer lacquers that I've seen and I don't really like a lot of them because you have to put 4 coats or more on just to see them by themselves. Confetti is a very very pale purple almost a light gray base with blue and purple micro-shimmer.

Here it is:

I put on 3 coats just to make sure that it would show up in the pictures. Normally I would just go with 2 coats.
The formula is good but, it took a little long in between coats to dry. I think this is one of the best values I have found for $2.00. Do you have this one?

Just have to share...we got some cupcakes this last weekend! MMMMMMMMM.
They are very cute too!


  1. this color is so pretty! & can you share those cupcakes with me! hahhahaha they look so delicious! specially that white one..is that coconut?!

  2. Yes it is coconut! It is a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and coconut, they are good!