July 16, 2011

Moon Struck Color Changing Nail Polish

Hey Lacquer Lovers,

YAY its Saturday! I have a fun swatch today. Have you ever checked out at little boutique or a fun little just costume jewelry store and saw the mood color changing nail polish? Me too, so I decided to get some and see what happens. I know not much but what fun. They had 3 colors to choose from pink, purple, and green. I selected green. It is suppose to turn yellow when my “mood changes” or I'm warm.

So here we go:

Cold hands:

Warm hands:

Hot hands:

This polish was really thin and runny. It was kind of hard to apply. I had to put 3 coats on and I probably could have put on more but I though maybe if I put too much on it wouldn’t work correctly. I just think this is fun and wanted to try it one time. Have you ever tried this?

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