July 10, 2011

La Splash Cosmetics Diamond Dust Crystallized Glitter

Hi All,
Today I have La Splash Diamond Dust mineral eye shadow or body/face glitter in 5 colors. About a year ago I saw a display at a store for nail glitter and decided to buy and try it. It happened to be La Splash cosmetics nail glitter. I never heard of this company but the nail glitter looked so good.
I just love glitter and have noticed women wearing it as eye shadow or as a liner that gets lighter as it goes toward your eye crease. I love the look and tried several types of shadow with no luck until I ran across this diamond dust glitter. Below Left to Right: Golden Smoke, Renaissance, Phenomenon, (bottom row) Gaudy, and Golden Tangerine.

So I bought several and also noticed a eye shadow sealer base so I grabbed that too.

The colors I have are: Gaudy (it looks like crushed diamonds,(Golden Smoke (black and gold glitter), Golden Tangerine (tangerine, gold, and silver glitter), Phenomenon (Dark & light purple glitter), and  Renaissance (gold glitter).

Below: Gaudy and Golden Smoke:

Below: Golden Tangerine, Phenomenon, and Renaissance:

I'm sorry these pictures really don’t do this glitter justice, they are much more stunning! I put this on with the using a square flat eye liner brush or an angled brush. You could even use a q-tip. You have to put the glitter on while the sealer is wet. It lasts a long time once applied. Its also affordable around $8.00 each. I give this a 5 out of 5. Have you tried this product or any other glitter product?  


  1. Amazing colors. Where i can find the best deals for Nail Glitter.
    Looking forward for you reply.


  2. Hi Amanda, One of the best places to get the La SPlash glitter is Ulta, they also make nail glitter. About once a month they have it on sale BOGO half off. Also art glitter.com sells glitter for $3 to $6 a jar. Sally beauty also has Sally girl glitter for $1. Ive also heard of Glitties.com but Ive never purchased from them but the prices seem good. Micki.