August 6, 2012

Indigo ~ Jessica~ Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday again! This time I have a lacquer brand that I have never tried before Jessica. Why haven’t I tried it? I don’t know! Indigo is a blue shimmer but I would call it a cobalt blue. It is really pretty!

I am wearing 2 coats and one coat of top coat. The formula was really great. It glided on easily and dried quickly. It had a lot of shine. I was disappointed that after one day it was wearing away slightly on the tips and sides of my nails! Maybe it was my fault? I bought more than 1 bottle of Jessica so hopefully it won’t happen on the next lacquer. Have you worn Jessica?


  1. it is never your fault that the polish wears too quick .. its always the polish fault ahhahaha... I only own 1 Jessica polish and I love it :) I had it on for a few days and it was ok, but I had glitter on the tips so maybe that helped :)

    1. Your right! It probably wasnt my fault:o) The formula was just so nice that I couldnt believe that it wore out on the sides and tips. I guess we will see on the next bottle!

  2. Such a pretty blue! Worth trying on again. Maybe it will last longer second round.

  3. Jessica does dome good stuff; I just have trouble finding the brand.

  4. I don't own any polish from this brand. Shame it wears off so fast.