August 3, 2012

Beach Cruiser ~ Orly

Hi Everybody,
Beach Cruiser is from Orly’s Feel The Vibe Collection and the last one I have to share in this collection.  Beach Cruiser is a bright pink crème, I wouldn’t say neon though.
Here it is:

I am wearing 3 coats and 1 coat of top coat. The formula was a little thick. I applied one coat and it was so thick that I had put some lacquer thinner in it. The 2nd coat was better but it was streaking a little so I had to do another coat. I really do like this but I think it’s been done many times before. I picked this one out because I thought it would be more of a neon. Do you have this one or do you have one that’s a dupe?


  1. i have this one... i have used it for pedis and love it! & im sure i have more dupes for it buahah

    1. You are right it would be great for pedis. I know I have dupes probably even from Orly but I forgot to look for them before I posted this.