February 1, 2012

Mirror Mirror ~ Orly

Hi Everyone,

Today I have another lacquer from the untrieds; Orly’s Mirror Mirror from their Once Upon A Time collection.
Ready for some honesty? It is a gray crème. Let me just say I don’t know why I bought this or where I got it from but, I really don’t like it! It looks like the color of the sidewalk! What was I thinking when I bought this and now I know why it was in the untrieds – Yuk!

See what I mean:

I had a hard time even finding pictures that I liked to post but I did find 4 that were kind of ok to post. I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. It was not a very good formula either! It was really runny! I think this looks terrible on me and my olive skin. I think if it had a little bit of shimmer it would be ok? Maybe one of you will like it and it looks good on you. What do you think, is this the sidewalk or is it pretty?


  1. I personally really like grey polish, but I agree, with an olive skin tone is kind of falls flat. Have you tried layering something on top to see if you like it better like that? :)

  2. I usually like gray too but this one is like cement on me! I will layer it and see what happens. THX!

  3. Hi Micki, i think you need to get your eyes checked because im totally loving this color on you!! i've been searching for a grey just like this!! i absolutely love it! im going to check ebay soon for this :) i say you rock it! maybe add glitter ,, glitter always makes everything 1032038120 times better :)

    1. Maria, Thanks! Email me your address and I will mail it to you! I have used it once and I would give it to you so you can enjoy it!

  4. Very pretty grey. Your nails look amazing. My Nails at the moment are short.