February 16, 2012

Wet N Wild Craze ~ Plenty Of Fish In The Sea ~ We Need To Talk (crackle)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile, I have the flu! My meds have made me so sleepy and added with not feeling good, I just can’t do anything but sleep. Hopefully next week I will be better and can post more!

I went to the store to pick up something really quick and walked by the cosmetics and saw a Wet N Wild display. I didn’t pay attention much to what the display was I just saw the pretty lacquer and grabbed 2 that I thought were pretty!

When I got home I then noticed that the lids looked like crackle! So I started just to put it on my nails randomly. So the pictures I have are kind of spam of the crackle!

First up Plenty Of Fish In The Sea:

Shown over Jesse's Girl Riff-Raff

Shown over Orly's Mirror Mirror

Shown over Orly Hawaiian Punch

Shown over Zoya Mira

Now We Need To Talk:

Shown over Orly's Mirror Mirror

Shown over Jesse's Girl Riff-Raff

Shown over Orly's Hawaiian Punch

Shown over Zoya's Mira

I know everyone is tired of the crackle but I still secretly love it. I really love this Wet N Wild lacquer! I really love the glitter and they are so shiny! It was only $2.50 and it’s a lot of fun. I am wearing it with a top coat. It went on nicely and in my opinion it is as good as the expensive lacquers. What do you think, tired of crackle?


  1. I saw these but never picked any up, glitter is cool one

    1. The glitter one is good! Makes you like crackle again!

  2. that's neet! WnW put out a glitter crackle!