February 24, 2012

Purple-Xing ~ Nina Ultra Pro Glitter!!

Hey Everyone,

Why haven’t I worn Nina Ultra Pro lacquer before?  I don’t know! The last time I went to Sally’s for some reason I looked at the Nina display, which I guess I never do and saw this gem Purple-Xing.
It’s a purple base with holographic round glitter! Do I need to say more! It’s so gorgeous! I had so many good pictures, I had to post alot of them.

Take a look:

I am just wearing 2 coats and a 1 coat of top coat. It was a little thick but easy to apply and it dried fast. I wore it for several days and didn’t get a chip and it looked good. I love glitter and anyone else who does this one is for you! I will be purchasing more Nina. What do you think glittery enough?


  1. omg! i love this color! i want it !! just like you i never pay attention to the Nina section,in my next trip i sure will! thanks for all the beautiful pictures <3

    1. Whon*knew Nina would be so good! Imgoing to get more today!