June 8, 2012

One Big Happy Fame-ily ~ Nicole By OPI

Happy Friday!
I have another lacquer that will be going on my top 10 list of 2012! I absolutely love this lacquer!! This  is from the Kardashian Collection and exclusive to CVS. Nicole By OPI claims this lavender shimmer is the American dream and I have to agree.
One Big Happy Fame-ily is a lavender base with lavender micro shimmer mixed in. Some says it’s a silver micro shimmer but I see lavender.
Take a look:

I am wearing 3 coats and 1 coat of top coat. The formula on this one was really good. It went on smoothly and dried quickly. I love love love this lacquer. It is really a good spring/summer color. It’s so cheerful. What is your most cheerful color? 


  1. So pretty! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart (a Canadian drugstore) and they had this collection there. I saw this polish and immediately went "ooooouu" and then saw the price tag - $10.99 ... this pretty went back on the shelf, LOL.

    I don't want to support the Kardashians, but if a really good sale comes up I might have to put my morals and ethics aside and purchase this polish.

  2. I wont pay more than $8.00 for polish, I will go without. It was $7.00 here and I had a coupon. They had them in the wrong place at the store so I didnt know it was a kardashian until I saw the tag. Once I saw the color I had to have it! Plus some woman was breathing down my neck to get it too so I knew it was a hot item.
    I know what you mean the Kardashians they dont need anymore money for doing nothing. You need to get it if it goes onsale because it is gorgeous!!