June 20, 2012

Can’t Be Tamed ~ Orly

Can’t Be Tamed is from Orly’s Flash Glam FX Collection that came out a couple of weeks ago. They are all glitters. There are supposed to be 22 in the collection but so far just 5 have been released. Orly suggests that you layer them over black.
I only bought one to try because honestly I have a lot of glitter lacquers and none of these really stood out as unique or different from what has been out already. This one is a clear base with shiny purple glitter with small shiny silver glitter.  I layered mine over OPI’s Black Onyx.

I am wearing 2 coats of Black Onyx, 2 coats of Can't Be Tamed, and 1 coat of top coat. The formula was great. It was very shiny too. I like this lacquer but as I said before this has been done. These are also expensive, $10.00. Hopefully they will have more unique lacquers in the next release. What do you think, have you seen these done before?


  1. wow this one looks really pretty over black, I bought Mermaid Tale only, also my Sally's had them for 5.99 maybe it was a sale

    1. Wow $5.99? Maybe I will go to Sally's and see whats new. Thanks for the tip!