April 16, 2012

Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue ~ Nicole By OPI ~ Blue Monday

Happy Blue Monday! Today is a true Blue Monday because I really love this lacquer but at the same time I dislike it! I was so excited to find Nicole By OPI’s Nothing Kim-Pares To Blue that I rushed home and put it on! In the bottle it looks like a bright baby blue shimmer but when you put it on its more of a periwinkle blue. I really wanted this one because it was blue and had a lot shimmer.

Take A Look:

I painted my nails the night before, right before I went to bed. As I was taking pictures the next morning I noticed that it looked like it was starting to chip by my cuticles. After I got done with the pictures I pulled on one of my nails and the whole nail lacquer came up in one piece! Not just one but all 10!
Picture taken in a dark room withno lights

 I am wearing 1 coat of OPI base coat, 3 coats of lacquer, and 1 coat of top coat. I really love this color and I will try it again! I really want this to go on my list for top 10 of 2012. Have you had this problem and would you wear this one again?


  1. I have one nail polish that is the same a glitter one. I apply it one day and the next day I can peel it from all the nails.

  2. It came off...just like Kim clothes to further her career. Hmmm......Coincidence?

    1. Haha! Your funny and right! Glad you pointed that out :o)