April 23, 2012

After Party ~ Orly

It’s Blue Monday! I was so excited when I heard about Orly’s Feel The Vibe Collection! It is Orly's collection for summer. I was so happy to pick up some of it (4) last Friday. Of course I had to wear the blue/black one first. After Party is a black base with duo-chrome glitter in blue and purple . There is so much blue glitter it looks dark blue.
Here it is:

I really like this but I don’t see how it goes with the rest of the collection. The rest of the collection is neon plus it doesn’t seem very “summer” to me. With that said I still like it and probably won’t wear it until fall or winter. I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. I do have to say the formula was a little thicker than Orly’s formula usually is but it worked out.  So what do you think, is this one that you would wear in summer?

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