April 25, 2012

Mysterious Curse ~ Orly ~ Dark Shadows Collection

Hi All,
Today I have lacquer that will be going on my Top 10 for 2012: Mysterious Curse from Orly’s Dark Shadows Collection. As for Dark Shadows, I only know that it was a TV show and now it’s been made into a movie with Johnny Depp. Mysterious Curse is a purple/blue Duo chrome with a lot of shimmer! It’s so pretty! 

I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. I do have to say it was a little thicker than Orly’s usual formula but it still dried fairly fast. I love love love this one!! It’s so cool how it goes from purple to blue in different light. Do you like this one and should it go on the top 10 for 2012 list?


  1. I cant wait to go see this movie! i need to find this polish so i can wear it to the premiere :D i love love this polish on you ! totally earns a spot on your Favorite 2012 :)

    1. I love it too! I got it at Sally Beauty Supply. I already have 3 on my top 10 list, may have to change it to top 20!

    2. they already have them there?! i must go!!