February 11, 2014

Mrs. Mint ~ Funky Fingers

This is what I would call a spring color. Mrs. Mint is Funky Finger’s pastel mint green base with a slight gold shimmer.
Take A Look:
Because it is a pastel I used a ridge filler base coat, 2 coats of Mrs. Mint, and 1 coat of top coat. The formula was good and it dried pretty quickly. I really like this color but you really can’t see the shimmer. I think I need more shimmer! Do you think it needs more shimmer?


  1. I love minty shades like this, I love this one! It does need more shimmer, though!

    1. You can see the shimmer in the bottle but not on the nail. Shimmer would be better.

  2. Love this kind of green reminds me of Spring :)

  3. OMG, this nail polish looks really amazing. I love this color :)

  4. It's a pretty color even if the shimmer is subtle... personally I would prefer it with more shimmer though... something like China glaze white cap would look really nice on top :)