June 17, 2013

Abyss ~ Color Club ~ Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday!!
I still don’t have my computer back. I don’t know how long it will take for them to fix it and send it back. So I am borrowing a computer.
Abyss is from Color Club’s Kaleidoscope Collection. I would say this crème is a blue with some green. It’s bright and so gorgeous!
Here it is:
I am wearing 2 coats and 1 coat of top coat. The formula was really nice and it wore very well! I think it qualifies for Blue Monday!
I went to the cupcake shop last week after I got my haircut. They put a new shop 2 blocks from the salon! I actually got red velvet. I usually don’t because I can make a pretty good one and I like to get something I can’t make. It was so good!


  1. I really like this! It is such a pretty teal color!

  2. What a cool, refreshing shade of teal! I also have to comment on that cupcake. I'm reading this late at night and I'm so hungry, I just want to eat that cupcake right off the screen. I can just taste it. The polish also reminds me of frosting. I should not have skipped dinner.

  3. LOL at Cindy's comment above!!!

    Love Abyss. I'm always a sucker for blue and teal polishes, this one is no exception!

  4. What a pretty color! I don't tend to see the new Color Club stuff around so nice to see your swatch.

    1. I had to order my Color Club lacquers. I cant find them locally but I love them!