June 11, 2013

A Definite Moust Have ~ OPI


I’m back! I still don’t have my computer! I had to send it back to the manufacturer to get fixed. So frustrating! So I am borrowing one to post.
A Definite Moust Have is from OPI’s Couture De Minnie collection. I have to say this one is my least favorite of the collection. They call it a fuchsia but I don’t see fuchsia I see more of a coral.
Here it is:
I am wearing 3 coats because it streaked a lot. I am also wearing one coat of top coat. When you look at the bottle, it looks like there is a shimmer but there is only a very slight shimmer. Which ones do you have from this collection?


  1. Pretty! Looks like there is a slight blue shimmer in the polish. 3 coats is a pain in the buns. I didn't get any from this collection yet.

  2. LOVE THIS POLISH! I don't have any from this collection but if I bought one, this would be it!