September 26, 2013

IM Beauty ~ Sephora By OPI

I am not a big yellow fan because I don’t think it  looks good on my skin tone but I decided to get Sephora By OPI's IM Beauty to try anyway. It just looked so good in the bottle! It's a sunshine yellow crème.
Take A Look:
I am wearing 4 coats yes 4 coats and 1 coat of top coat. I had the worse streaks with this polish! After the first coat I thought it would cover in 3 coats but I needed 4. I really like this color but I don’t know if it’s worth applying 4 coats every time! Is there any lacquer you think is worth applying so many coats for?


  1. I think that looks great on you! Maybe a skintone base would let you use fewer coats? That works for me with some otherwise tricky colors.

  2. This is a really pretty polish, my favorite yellows so far though are Zoya Pippa and China Glaze Lemon Fizz! No yellow is worth four coats, though.