August 23, 2013

Nail Stickers ~ Dollar Store Find

Yay its Friday!
These skull nail stickers were so cute and only a dollar so why not? There are 20 in the package but the sizes weren’t the right sizes for me so I could only do one hand because I had to use 3 of the same size on my fingers.
Here it is:

I had a hard time getting these to fit and smooth out. I wore them for 1 day and after a few ours the tips wore. The pictures above were after 1 day of wear. Too bad these didn’t work out because they are very cute. I do have a more expensive pair that I need to try to see if those work better. Have you ever worn nails stickers?


  1. These are awesome! I love the patterns! I prefer the Sally Hansen ones, though. They are a lot pricier, but THE BEST!

    1. I am sure those are made better and easier to apply.