December 3, 2012

Fuchsia ~ Mode

Hi Everyone!
I have another Mode lacquer that was a gift from New Zealand. It is called Fuchsia. Fuchsia to me is pinkish but to me this one looks orangish. It’s a lustre.
It was pretty sheer; I am wearing 3 coats and probably could have used 1 more. I’m also wearing 1 coat of top coat. I like this. What do you think, is it pink or orange?


  1. I see pink here, a warm pink. "Fuchsia" seems to be one of those terms that means different things, like "mauve". My "mauve" is a lot more purple than some companies who name things "mauve".

  2. I don't see any orange, just red and pink. Maybe it is more orange in person? Still a beautiful polish, though!