October 22, 2012

Charla ~ Zoya~ Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday! I have Charla from Zoya. This is one of the prettiest blues with lots of shimmer! It is a light blue base with green micro shimmer. It reminds me of the ocean or a mermaid blue.
Here it is:

I am wearing 3 coats and 1 coat of top coat. The formula was nice and it dried quickly. I really like this metallic shimmer that it has. What is your favorite metallic shimmer?


  1. This is beautiful and I'm not usually into metallic shimmers!! I think it's the gorgeous blue color of this polish that I'm so in love with! <3

    1. Wow no metallics? It is pretty and it would look great on you!

  2. Very pretty and I agree with it being like a ocean/mermaid blue! I don't have a particular favorite metallic shimmer yet but this one is definitely pretty!

  3. BeeUTiFull color!! That's all I'm going to say. Xxxxxxxx :)

  4. O.O This is gorgeous!! Zoya really does some great things!